Eyeglass Case Ministry

In February of 2010, this ministry grew out of a need to give our eyeglass recipients something better that a torn cellophane wrapper to carry their new glasses in. To date, our amazing volunteers have made nearly 40,000 eyeglass cases for us to give out.

We have several trips coming up in the next several months such as to our neighboring prisons in Mexico, homeless shelters and to other developing nations — we need your help! We need at least another 5,000 eyeglass cases to cover the year. 

Three ways you can help:


We are always in need of fabrics for women and children, but especially fabrics that are masculine or generic for men. Cotton-based cloth is best, so it won’t slip on the sewing machines. And a minimum size of 8”x8” is necessary to make the cases.


After we receive material donations, the cloth has to be cut. This is an easy way to help: you can cut squares while you relax in front of the TV, or get a couple of friends together and cut cloth while you visit.


We almost always have cut squares waiting to be sewn. You can contact us for pre-cut kits, or get instructions for your own materials.


Contact the eyeglass case ministry leader, Chris Noell, for more information at:


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